What Do I Do Now? (2013)

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What Do I Do Now?
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Watch What Do I Do Now? (2013) : Online Full Movies Claudia is preparing for her CMT exam which she must take this afternoon, but her morning turns into a bizarre situation when a sheik from Arabia requests a private session at her place. The offer is tempting and she thinks she'll make some quick money that she can later spend on a celebration for passing of her exam. Claudia invites the sheik over for a session, only to see the sheik faint, and lay lifeless and non-responsive on her massage table. Scared of her life being ruined forever, Claudia calls her best friend Jessie, an unemployed investigator, to help her resolve this problem. While the girls try to move the sheik from the massage table, the lifeless body falls on the floor making a huge noise, which wakes up Willie, a pot grower living downstairs, who just wants to enjoy his day in peace while smoking his blunts.

Release Date:Jun 25, 2013
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